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CUCM Partitioning and blocking a pattern

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I have a standard North American route pattern for long distance which allows calls to all destinations as per:  8.1[2-9]XX[2-9]XXXXXX


This pattern is placed on our standard "LD" partition and CSS.


I would like to introduce blocking to certain Carribean locations which are also reached using the same route pattern.


So I've created more granular rules ie: 8.1876[2-9]XXXXXX, and placed it into a separate partition and an 'unrestricted' CSS so that certain devices can still reach these destinations.


The problem I now have is that the call is routed regardless, as any device outside the 'unrestricted CSS' is still routed through the 'standard LD pattern'.  I take it that this is working as intended.


Secondly, if I try to apply the 'block this pattern' rule, it is applied regardless of what partition and CSS the pattern is a part of, so there is no way to restrict some devices while allowing others.  Is this correct functionality of the 'block this pattern' option?


Just looking for the best way to achieve the goal here.  I want to allow some phones to reach ALL of these locations, while blocking the rest.  However, I have a standard LD route pattern that appears to make this more difficult.



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Ayodeji Okanlawon
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

This is a classic example of overlapping dial plan. There is no magic solution other than to reconfigure the US NANP to be more specific so that it does not overlap with the Caribbean patterns. 

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Thanks Ayodeji.


Seems I can just create a translation profile to 'block the pattern', as they're processed first it works without issue using a different partition etc.


Still wondering though if 'block the pattern' under a Route Pattern ignores the partition and applies it globally?

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