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Jason Pennell

CUCM Translation Pattern To JTAPI Trigger Assistance


I am trying to translate a 7 digit number on my Communications Manager cluster to a 3 digit CTI Route Point extension (controlled by Contact Center Express (UCCX)) in order to keep a call on-net but my call is failing.

Here is my scenario:

IP Phone that is assigned CSS1, which contains Partition1, places a call to a Translation Pattern 5555555, which is in Partition1.  That Translation Pattern is assigned CSS2, which contains Partition2, and has a Called Party Transform Mask set to extension 500, which is in Partition2 and is an extension assigned to a CTI Route Point/JTAPI Trigger for a UCCX Application.

If I assign my phone to use CSS2 and call extension 500 directly it works fine but when my phone is assigned to CSS1, I see the translation take place on my screen but the call fails with a slow busy signal.

I did some testing and if I add Partition2 to CSS1 along with Partition1 and call the 5555555 then it works (but I can't stay with this configuration because phones in CSS1 should not be allowed to call extensions in Partition2).  Also if I put the CSSs and Partitions back to the original scenario and change the Called Party Transform Mask on the Translation Pattern to be extension 100 which is in Partition2 and is assigned to an IP phone then it works fine.  Another test I did is to change the Called Party Transform Mask on the Translation Pattern to be an extension which is assigned to a different CTI Route Point that is unregistered with CUCM and is set to CFA to VM and that works fine.  The problem is only happening when I call a Registered/UCCX controlled CTI Route Point.

I realize that I could probably just create a 3rd Partition (let's call it Partition3) and assign both my Translation Pattern and CTI Route Point to that Partition and then add that Partition3 to both of my Calling Search Spaces but I'm curious as to why my original configuration is not working. Any one know what's up with that?

Additional Information...

The UCCX CTI Route Point is using CSS2 and the CTI Ports extensions that calls terminate on when calling this CTI Route Point are in Partition2.

I'm running CUCM

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

Cisco Employee

I'm not immediatly able to understand what is going wrong in your setup. Usually it is easier to see it from configuration itself (and traces) to see where things are failing. However we also have Dialed Number Analyzer which can be of great assistance for analyzing issues like this. I would suggest you give that a go in case you have not tried that already?

You're running into the CTI rerouting gotcha. When the CTI Route Point performs the redirect to a CTI Port, that CTI Port must be reachable by the original called party's CSS. Move your CTI Ports into a partition that is included in the original CSS as well as the CSS of the CTIRP and the call will work.

Note that you can change this behavior starting in CCX 8.0(2).

Thanks so much for the information Jon.  What is the setting in UCCX version 8 that changes this behavior? Also, is there any online documentation I can reference that explains this gotcha?  I appreciate your help!

I'm sure you went ahead and moved the CTI Ports into another CSS, but I would like to point out that you could have also resolved this by adding the CTI Port DNs (either individually, or by using an appropriate Mask)  as translation patterns into Partition1 that is accessible by CSS1 and it would work.  Basically, it is only necessary that the CTI Ports be dialable/reachable by the phone calling the CTI Route Point, adding those extensions as additional translation patterns in Partition1 does solve the problem.

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