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CUWL Licensing - Public license and Extension Mobility

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I have a question regarding CUWL Public licenses and Extension Mobility:

- It is about CUWL Pro users that are travelling to another office for example (on the same cluster). Are CUWL Pro user allowed to use Extension Mobility on a Public device to have their own extension on it?

It seems as a basic question and I was always said "Yes", but then when you look into the CUWL 8.6 ordering guide page 12, it says:

The RTU license for the corresponding phone will be provided, and no applications (for example, voicemail, presence, extension mobility, conferencing, or any other applications) may be used with these phones other than Cisco Unified Communications Manager ?

Does this sentence means that the PUBLIC phone device can NOT have the application itself so a PRO user can NOT log into it, or does it mean that the public phone extenmsion is not able to move to another phone via extension mobility (which seems obvious since it is a public phone)?

Thanks a lot for clarifying this aspect.



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It really doesn't matter the type of license you have purchase for Call Manager version 8.5 and below. You just need DLU for register the phones.


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Thank you leosalcie, but this is not answering my question, I know it will technically work, but I would like to know what are the rules form a licensing point of view. I

Cisco licensing team, any answer to this?



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Hi G,

I would try sending an email to;

to get a definitive answer to your query?



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