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Desk camera not working if shutter is open only after call in progress

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We have Jabber 14.x installed on Windows 10. The cameras in use are Cisco Desk Cameras.

The bug is replicated as follows:

1. Have camera shutter closed before call

2. Place a call via Jabber to another user

3. After the call is up, open the shutter after a few seconds

4. The video for the camera doesn't start even if you wait for a minute. 


On the other hand, if I start a call when the shutter is open then I can close it during the call and reopen it without issue.


Anyone else seen this? Any idea how to resolve it?


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Have you installed the latest camera firmware from the companion app or If yes then I’d open a TAC case; this seems like a clear cut firmware defect.

I'll give it a shot.

Is the cisco driver the only relevant driver? Any need to update Microsoft drivers?

The version in both Jabber and Camera are up-to-date.

Is there anything else to check or TAC  might be the only answer?

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