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Dial Plan for centralized SIP solution

Looking for some input from the community on handling a centralized SIP solution for multiple sites.  We have over 30 sites all over the state.  Call manager and SIP provider exist at corporate building.  Looking to move sites away from using analog lines for inbound/outbound PSTN calling to utilize SIP provider service at corporate.


Some of these sites are in dense city area's where local calling ranges from 7 digit to 10 digit.  What is the best way to handle local calling from these sites after moving them to utilize corp SIP provider service?




Re: Dial Plan for centralized SIP solution

In my experience i always try to force the customer to just do local calls as 10-digits.  This gets you closer to +.E164 and is probably in line what your SIP provider does, they won't support 7-digit dialing natively and you would have to create a lot of dial-peers.  You can simplify your dialplan so much better just making it all 10-digits.  All cities/towns will eventually be 10-digits if they are not already, it's just a matter of time.  If you really must have 7 digits, you would just have to create a special pattern for that office.  Things get even more complicated if you are using SRST anywhere too.

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Re: Dial Plan for centralized SIP solution

Have you had a chance to review SRND dial plan chapter?  It lays out how +e164 dial plan can be implemented to support this scenario.

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