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Unable to register in CME

Hello. I am mystified with my configuration. I have 7942 ip phone it is supported by my 2921 router with os version 15.2(M4). I was able to configured it successfully last week and it is working well. Since i dont have a full license for unified comm...

Resolved! NIM-2BRI-ST and ISR 4321

Hello , I have an ISR 4321 with 1 NIM-4FXSP and 1 NIM-2BRI S/T when i take a show inventory, the nim subslot are good Router#show inventoryNAME: "NIM subslot 0/1", DESCR: "NIM-4FXSP Voice Analog Module"PID: NIM-4FXSP         , VID: V01  , SN: FOC2232...

Resolved! Block Outgoing Calls based on the originating internal number/extension.

Hi All,   My query is, how is it possible to block calls to a specific outgoing number ( in my case it is  "2519 2519" ) , depending on who is initiating the call.    I have three different branch offices with different PRI ranges a each office .    ...

rahul nair by Beginner
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Multiple day schedule with SNR

We have the following situation. 1 phone with 4 remote destinations (SNR) for our technicians with different work schedules. For 3 of them , is it a shift from 07:00 until 16:00 , so no problem. But for one is it from 04:00 - to 07:00 and then from 1...

koenvb by Beginner
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Cisco 8831 Daisy Chain Kit

 Dear colleagues,   We ordered the CP-8831-DC-K9= (Optional Cisco Unified IP Conference Phone 8831 Daisy Chain Kit for North America - Cisco Unified IP Conference Phone 8831 Base Unit.) Can we use this base unit as a primary conference phone if we al...

agipkcoat by Beginner
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8831 / 8832

I have 3 questions.  Thank you in advance for your time.   Does the 8832 support MeetMe?  Every thing I have found shows it does but I wanted to double check this as we are getting ready to order these devices.    Do you need external MIC's or does t...

B_VOIP_NE by Beginner
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