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Emergency Responder not effective in AT&T areas


It appears that AT&T will only allow 3rd party E911 vendors to modify the TN Database for E911.  The result of that is that any end-user company that purchases CER will not be able to send any site specific information (floor number, etc) to the PSAP.  Sure they can send the info to the onsite team and first responders can give the more specific info from the onsite team but that kinda defeats that purpose (to a degree)

Does anyone have any insight on this situation?  I have done this for other LECs and have always been able to send the more specific information from teh customer site to the PSAP directly.


Did you find how to do this.  I am running into the same issue with AT&T that they will not give me access to the Database to update my psali.

Only option I have found thus far is engaging a 3rd party company that AT&T does allow to update the database.  Red Sky does this along with a few others but I don;t know anyone else.  You upload your databse to Red Sky and then they handle e911.  Its a subscription based service though.

PLease feel free to rate if this helps.

Intrado is another 3rd party to look at, they claim to have the largest coverage within US. They are also the only partner that has direct integration to CER via their V9.1.1 service which I recently implemented for one customer.



Thanks for the info.

Is there a cost for Intrado?

So if I am reading this correctly as a customer of AT&T, I cannot update my E911 records directly with my export of my PSALI from CER.  I need to use a 3rd party with AT&T allows access to update my E911 records.

I have done this before with Verizon and they have given me access to the 911 database to update my records.

Tracy Larson

Like Chris mentioned, Intrado is what we use for E911. You just export the file from CER then upload it to Intrado's website. Once you have an account setup with Intrado they will mail you a token that you use for entering the security password each time you need to upload another file. There is also no subscription service you have to pay for.

Good stuff Chris and Tracy.  Is there an initial fee or something for using Intrado?  Also, please note I was not pushind Red Sky.  They were the only ones I could recall by name.

I dont have a cost, but there are several different solutions from Intrado for example.  I suggest you contact them directly as they are very good to work with.


Thanks for the information everyone.

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