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Resolved! Restart DRF services after changing DR Backup Device credentials

My client lost the login credentials to the server storing the backups from the Disaster Recovery backup process.  The password was a randomly created 8 character password and no one seems to know what it is.So, they are planning to regenerate a new ...


Can anyone give me some guidance for configuring cRTP on an interface? The documentation I have found only covers a PPP Serial connection. My router is ethernet to a satellite modem, but the router terminates a IPSEC Tunnel back to the states and I w...

Resolved! Improving the conference

Hi Voice team, I can to do conference just between 4 internal users.. How can I to improve my solution? I want to do conference with 8 internal users....I need more PVDM?    I´m using a 2821 to manage the codecs in a conference.  sccp local GigabitEt...

Resolved! Two diffierent results when dialling the same number .

Hi all, I have a customer in Dubai and when they dial 0096525728040 for the gateway, the call rings out . When you ring the same number from your mobile you get an IVR . The Call Manager version is The gateway is H323. Any assistance wo...