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Enabling Web Access for Cisco phones by default for new phones (CUCM 10.5)

We are preparing to migrate phones to a new cluster (rehosting) and will need to enable web access on the phones so that we can delete the CTL and ITL certs remotely.  We would also like to enable this setting by default on all new phones in the new cluster as we would like to remote control admister all phones with a custom application we are building for end user support.  So, two questions;


1) How can I bulk change this setting on phones that are already configured on the old system?

2) How can I have Web Access set to Enabled by default for the new phones being created on the new system?


I've looked at two areas that I believe would address the issue, System>Enterprise Phone Configuration and Device>Device Settings>Common Phone Profile, but they don't seem to be doing anything.  The Common Phone Profile is set to enable web access and I can see it applied to the phone when I create it, but the setting is set to disabled when it's created.

Dennis Mink

You will need to set a new Common phone profile.  (device>common phone profile)  in this new new profile, you have the same settings as you have on your current cluster, but change the web access to "enabled".



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Hi Dennis,

     This doesn't seem to work either.  It let's me choose the profile to apply it when I'm setting up the phone, but it doesn't do anything.

Did this ever get resolved? I am having the same problem.

Hi ckonopin,

     Yes, enabling Web Access on phones can be done via Bulk Administration>Phones>Update Phones but you can't mix model types when you do the query.  In other words, select all of your 7941 or 7942 phones in separate queries.  Then you will have the option to enable web access.

For anyone trying to do this on 10.5 or later, shikamarunara is correct. It won't give you the option if the query results have different types of phones. I searched on the first 3 numbers of the DN, then gave it a specific phone type, then CUCM gave me the Web Access option
Andrew West

For the phones that are already active on your cluster you can easily change them via BAT either with an import or using Bulk Import > Update Phones > Query ..then find the phones you are looking either by Device Pool if you have a lot of separation or just everything and enable web access.. 

Remember to check the boxes to confirm those changes.

then set your job to run now at the bottom or delay it until it is good for your location. 



Web Access is not an available setting in Bulk Import.  At least not in CUCM 10.5.

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