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Extention Report

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Can I take reports of any extention (IP Phone) of my CUCM.

I want to know that how many calls landed, call from which source ext. and others on perticular IP Phone\Ext.

pls help

Thanks in advance.

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Aman Soi
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi Deepesh,

You can get the report from Call Manager for any extension in which u can get Source/ DEstination IP address, MAC address of IP phones, calling /called time time, duration.

But u need to expand to get the details of each and every call.

For GW Call details/GW Utilisation, u can get PDF report.

You need to have a third party tool which can suffice your requirement.You can visit the site



Hi Aman,

Thanks for Reply. Can you discribe some more, how I will get that details from CM and the tool suggest by you is freeware or licenced ?

Hi Deepish,

From the call manager, u need to serach for the extensions and  then, expand on each so that u can get the details u are looking for.

CDR Search by User Extension—Available for CAR administrators. You can search CDRs by user or directory number (calling, original called, final called, or bridge number) to analyze call details for the first 100 records that satisfy the search criteria. You can search for calls by using specific numbers for the period that you specify, which helps you trace calls that are placed from or to any specific numbers for diagnostic or informational purposes. All associated records, such as transfer and conference calls, appear together as a logical group. If you do not specify an extension, the system returns the first 100 CDR records that match the date range that you specify.

U can refer the link

The tool is licensed .You can go for trial version and if it meets your requirements, purchase it.



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Level 1

We do a call logger that can support unlimited sites. We always recommend you download the free trial and have a play to see if it suits your needs.

It has AXL sync and we provide free help configuring and setting up so fairly straightforward.