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Forward All calls to mobile number Issue


Dear All,

I've a problem when The user forward all calls from his IP Phone to his mobile number and he receive the first call it's get forwarded and every thing good but when he ends the call from his mobile the "land line" keep busy. Need your help. Thanks in advanced.

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Jitender Bhandari
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Are you using SNR or just doing Call forward all.

Try to elaborate the issue as much as possible.


It's just forwarding from the user phone.

here's the configuration under the port:

voice-port 0/1/0
trunk-group CC
supervisory disconnect dualtone mid-call
supervisory custom-cptone STC
supervisory dualtone-detect-params 1
no battery-reversal
cptone BR
timeouts initial 10
timeouts interdigit 15
timeouts call-disconnect 5
timeouts ringing 5
timeouts wait-release 5
timing hookflash-out 50
connection plar opx 200
description -----------------
caller-id enable
caller-id alerting line-reversal
caller-id alerting dsp-pre-allocate

You do not have any impedance matching on the line.

The following lines are all you need under a voice-port for disconnected party in the UK. But you may have to find the disconnect tone by analyzing on a PC. 


voice class custom-cptone customBBV
 dualtone disconnect
  frequency 400
  cadence continuous

and then :-

voice-port 0/2/1
 supervisory custom-cptone customBBV
 input gain 2
 cptone GB
 timeouts interdigit 6
 timeouts call-disconnect 5
 timeouts wait-release 5
 connection plar opx immediate 556
 impedance complex2

We have similar issues if the line is bad or on an old exchange or through a Voip adaptor etc.

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