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AMA-CUCM Troubleshooting: Best Practices for Reading Trace Files


CUCM - Conference problem - ERROR 0x80AF

Hi guys,

I'm in trouble when I try to make a conference with an external number (In another cluster) , The conference with internal extensions work perfectly, but when I try to add a third number and it is in another cluster, , the external connection goes down,.

Additional Information:

Version : CUCM 8.5

Trunk : InterclusterTrunk

SW conference Bridge   -> Only G711

Call can be completed as dialled for intercluster trunk  

Another PBX: Cisco Callmanager


Cluster A   (Ext: 7098    -  7064 ) 

Cluster B  ( Ext: 5402)

Error :  Cause i = 0x80AF - Resources unavailable, unspecified

Thanks for your help!

Cisco Employee

CUCM - Conference problem - ERROR 0x80AF

It looks like you don't have a Conference Bridge in the Phone Device Pool MRGL or Phone Page MRGL!



CUCM - Conference problem - ERROR 0x80AF

Hello, Thanks for your answer.

is it necessary ?

I have 2 conference bridge. (not assigned to any resource list )

Additional information:

Conference Bridge Name        Device Pool                                                        Region

CFB_2                                    DP_X_CONFERENCIA (MRGL= None)                R_Conferencia    --> not assigned to any resource list

CFB_3                                    DP_X_CONFERENCIA (MRGL= None)                R_Conferencia   --> not assigned to any resource list

Name_ICT  (Trunk)                  Device Pool                                    Region

ICT_X                                     DP_X_Y  (MRGL= None)                  R_X_Y

Phone                                      Device Pool                                    Region

7098                                        DP_X_Y  (MRGL= None)                 R_X_Y


R_Conferencia         vs      R_Conferencia      = G711

R_Conferencia         vs     R_X_Y                   = G711 

R_Conferencia         vs     Default                   = G711

R_X_Y                     vs       R_X_Y                 = G711 

Thanks Again!

Hall of Fame Master

CUCM - Conference problem - ERROR 0x80AF

What codec is used for the ICT call? Sounds like you might be using G729 for that in which case you will need a transcoder engaged in the call via MRGL-MRG assignment to the ICT.




CUCM - Conference problem - ERROR 0x80AF

Hello, Thanks for your answer.

I use G711

Any advice will be hidhly appreciate

Thanks Again!

VIP Mentor

CUCM - Conference problem - ERROR 0x80AF

How many CUCM servers do you have? The trace you have sent only contains the cucm interaction with the h323 intercluster trunk. It looks like your phones are registered to another cucm server..Can you send the traces for the server that the phones in the cluster from where you are initiating the conference from.

Also the tarce doesnt look complete. Can you send the whole traces

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Have you solved this problem,

Have you solved this problem, and how?

I have just met a very similar issue as you had, but the cluster A in my environment is a none Cisco SIP server, while cluster B is a CUCM ver. 10.5.2.  My problem is if the phone A from cluster A calls a phone B in cluster B and the phone A conference phone C in cluster B.  If phone C is setting for BIB recording, calls disconnected with an error code 47, Resource unavailabe, unspecified.  If the phone C is a common phone without BIB recording set, the conference established.

P.S. the codec between the 2 clusters is G.729.  We have a hardware conference bridge registered in cluster B.  But I don't think the conference bridge is required in my case, since it should use the conference resources belong to the sip server in cluster A.

Thank you.

Cisco Employee



I don't think built in bridge supports G729. Since BIB does not support g729 codec CUCM will invoke a transocder. What happens if you change the region settings to 64 kbps and then try to conference it will work.


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This is incorrect, BIB supports different codecs and will replicate the call to the recording server using the same codec that the call was established as. If the recording server does not support that codec an external xcoder will be invoked as the BIB cannot transcode it itself.

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