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FXS Port on CME 7

Scott Hanson


running FXS ports on CME 7 and I am trying to configure a Fax machine to hang off the FXS port.  I keep getting a busying signal when calling in bound.  the translation is for DN 109

voice translation-rule 1

     rule 1 /8866/ /700/

     rule 2 /8183/ /401/

     rule 3 /8896/ /896/

      rule 4 /8109/ /109/

Then I have

voice translation-profile TranslateDID translate called 1

Then on the voice-port I have

voice-port 0/0/0

     signal groundStart

     connection plar 109

Can someone take a look and see what I might be missing?

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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

Should be singal loopstart, and no connection plar.

You will need a dial-peer pots to send calls to 109 to the port.

Or eliminate the translation rule and send calls what whatever number is received by telco.

Thanks Paolo,

Here is my dial-peer but I am still getting a buy signal

dial-peer voice 10 pots

     translation-profile incoming TranslateDID

     translation-profile outgoing profile1

     destination-pattern 109

     incoming called-number 109

     fax rate voice

     direct-inward-dial 109

I'm afraid you have some confusion here and there, seems like you weren't sure how it should be done so there is a lot of 109s around.

Jorge Armijo


You just need:

Dial-peer 109 pots

Destination-pattern 109

Port 0/0/0

Voice-port 0/0/0

Signal loop

Any other digit manipulation is to make the line reachable from PSTN.



Jorge Armijo

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