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Hi,I've configured profile and defined only g729r8 codecBut i can see that g729ab is using.How to get rid of g729 codec with vad?dspfarm profile 22 transcode  codec g711alaw codec g711ulaw codec g729r8 maximum sessions 6 associate application SCCPTr...

rmv72 by Beginner
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Resolved! Unity Express AA

Hi,I am making an customized IVR, with a day and time check.When after hours, the call should be diverted (redirected by IVR application) to a mobile phone.The customer is using a SIP trunk.So:  ISDN_BRI-------IVR_Application--------SIP_TrunkIs this ...

j.huizinga by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! CME 8.6 Outbound Caller ID

hi all, i am relatively new to CME and recently installed a small deployment for a client everything is working as expected but i am just having issues trying to set the outbound callier ID to the users DDI as opposed to the main number.the company h...

Resolved! quesion about Hardware conference bridge from dspfarm

                   hi there,  I know that the CUCM software conference bridge can handl g711 calls. and in what circumstance we need to use the hardware conferecne bridge?  the call from ISND will be converted as g711 before it send to the phones, an...