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Generate reports on abandoned calls in IP Telephony

April Molina
Level 1
Level 1

Hi there,

I would like to know on how to generate abandoned calls that are not being picked up by the CISCO IP Phone 7945? we have this LCS software installed, but I was informed by the supplier of our IP Phones that LCS software is mainly for generating reports all incoming and outgoing calls only, but not abandoned calls.

I would like to generate a report with a specific local number in our office which shows the number of abandoned calls from the operator number. We have this Cisco Unified Call Manager Administration system version: and it has a CISCO Unified Serviceability and CISCO Unified Reporting

I hope you would assist me on my inquiry



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Gordon Ross
Level 9
Level 9

I don't know what this "LCS software" is that you mention.

To properly report on calls in CUCM, you really need a third party call logger product to load and analysis the CDRs that CUCM produces. I can recommend

CUCM has very limited inbuilt reporting.


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Hi April,

As Gordon pointed out the UCM has very limited reporting functionality.  An alternative call accounting package you might want to try is TIM Enterprise.  This will log all the abandoned calls and allow you to either report on them, show them on a wall board, or email the user/manager that an abandoned call happened and what parties were involved.

If you want more information take a look at the microsite:

Best regards,


April Molina
Level 1
Level 1

The LCS Software that I'm referring to is the Logic Call Suite that our office will use for Call Accounting. It shows reports on incoming and outgoing calls only, but it doesn't show the number of abandoned calls, conference calls and the calls that has been successfully transferred calls. We also have a CISCO Unified Serviceability that has the CDR Analysis and Reporting, but it appears that it can only show the average number of calls received by a local number and not a report on the number of abandoned calls that is not being answered, conference calls and successfully transferred calls.

I'll check out the call logging websites that you mentioned....

Thanks a lot!