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How to Configure CUCM for Connection Between Nodes (through site to site vpn)

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Level 1

Hi All,


Im trying to find out the best approach to connect

One cucm cluster (with one pub/one sub) with 2 other islands  which also have one subscriber

This needs to be done in a site to site vpn configuration.


Also i need to know what the requirements are for making this all possible.

Latency etc etc



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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

So, are you asking how to do CoW??

Or simply how to configure a SIP trunk between two clusters?



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VoIP Engineer
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Level 1

You could configure a pair of expressways, and have those islands connect over the internet, without a VPN.


Most companies I've seen have an MPLS circuit between locations.


The other option is to have a site to site vpn between your main site and each island.  You'll be at the mercy of the internet for latency, etc, but it should work.  200 ms latency is a number I've seen thrown around.  The less latency the better though.

Dennis Mink
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

please share you desired topology and subnetting.

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