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V.Naveen Kumar

how to record the calls

I need to record the voice calls of cisco IP phone 6945

can anyone tell me about Application that is used to record the calls.                  

Try it use wireshark as sniffer tool and decode it but it doesn't works..

Plz help me..

piyush aghera


There are recording solutions available like Verint and NICE or are you looking for some simpler tool to record some individual calls

There is a solution from cisco that can be used to record the calls, but you will need to have unity or CUE for this.

This feature is called as live record i know how to create it in CME with CUE though possible in CUCM but i haven't tried it before.

Live-Record option let you record running conversation of phone (along with conference also) and store as voice mail at your mailbox. It’s configuration is not a big deal, just follow the procedures, I have done it for CME only, you can also do it for CUCM.

1. Create Live-Record DN at CME:

ephone-dn  10

number 1111

description *** Live Record DN ***

call-forward all 2222 !


2. Modify ephone template with a new softkey named ‘LiveRec’, this button will allow u to start and end recording:

ephone-template  1

softkeys connected  Hold Endcall Confrn LiveRcd Park Trnsfer Join

3. Assign the template to your phone:

ephone  1

ephone-template 1

4. Add Live-Record DN under SCCP Telephony-Service


conference hardware

live-record 1111

voicemail 2222

5. Now time for CUE configuration, that’s the easiest task on CUE

CUE(config)# voicemail live-record pilot-number 1111

With these optional commands, leave those if you wanna put those default

CUE(config)# voicemail live-record beep interval 10

CUE(config)# voicemail live-record beep duration 500

if you do not want beep just increase the beep duration.

Well, all done :) now test the recording feature just pressing the softkey ‘LiveRec’ while in conversation, keep it mind the recorded files take place in your voice mailbox storage and might occupy all if you don’t pay attention while recording, that’s why I liked to configure the ‘Beep’ parameters to warn you at regular interval.

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