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How to Remote Control Phones w Coding Scripting


I have a decent amount of experience in coding and scripting.  What are the ways I can manipulate Cisco IP Phones remotely?  I'd like to do the following things (for example):


  • change Alternate TFTP of a large number of phone (some are remote MRA)
  • control phones, such at dialing test numbers
  • view the phones' screens

Once I get into it I'm sure there will be other valuable things I discover that are possible, like possibly keeping an eye on the Console Logs or watching the MOS score during calls, etc. 


I see SingleWire, PhoneView, and UpLinx, and it appears they are doing pretty much what I'd like to do, but I'd prefer to write my own so I have complete flexibility. 


What are these apps using to get to the phones?  Are they using the same protocol?  Is it AXL? 


Where can I get started on this?  Is there a developer kit?


Thank you!

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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

All the info on API/SDK/etc is in DevNet, that's where you want to start.



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That link doesn't work:


403 - Forbidden Page or Application

The file or application you are trying to access may require additional entitlement or you are trying to access a file with an invalid name. Additional entitlement levels are granted based on a users relationship with Cisco on a per-application basis.

but I found DevNet here: , except it looks like a huge site.  Does your .../go/pdi  link have an more-specific info?  Thanks Jamie.  It's a start. 


Does anyone have any more-specific info to give me some quick traction on connecting to and controlling phones? 

That link is in my signature, I never mentioned you'd find any info on what you're looking for in it. You're getting that message because it's a partner level site, if your CCO is not tied to a partner, you cannot access it.



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Okay, yes, I see. 


My office login should work then. 



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