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Hunt Pilot Forward to Another Extension


We are running Cisco Call Manager Version 8.02 and Unity Connection.

I just recently received a request to route our S&M department Hunt Pilot (ext. 5444) calls to our Main line (ext. 5534, which is monitored by our new Receptionist) during her hours at the front desk so the receptionist can route the calls to the appropriate person within the department; then have that line forwarded back to their department from 5-6pm each weekday since that is when the receptionist leaves for the day.

I am not completely sure if I need to make changes only in Call Manager or Unity, or make changes in both in order to configure this request properly.

In Call Manager there is a Hunt Pilot for this department; whichlinks to the Hunt List, that is configured to the Line Group. The Line Group has 10 user lines associated with it, and the Distribution Algorithm is set to Broadcast.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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James Hawkins

Hi Monica,

There are lots of ways to do this but what I would try would be to set the Hunt Pilot CFB and CFNA to the DN of the receptionist and add the HLog key to the phones used by the S&M department.

If the department members do not want to receive calls they remove themselves from the hunt group using the HLog key. If they want to receive calls they add themselves by pressing the HLog key again.

If they a spare button on their phones you can assign the HLog feature to it and see at a glance whether they are logged into the group as the button will be illuminated (assumes 79x1 or later).


Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Monica,

As my friend James nicely noted, there are multiple ways to accomplish

this request. +5 to James for his great ideas here

I'll throw in a couple more;

In CUCM there is a feature called ToD - Time of Day Routing that

could be leveraged here.

Thought you might enjoy this thread it has a really awesome breakdown of ToD

by fellow NetPro Bill Bell as well as a fine catch by Java;

The other thing I've found over the years is that users sometimes prefer

the simplest method to control these things themselves (think KISS principle )

You could simply take 5444 off the Hunt Pilot and put it as Line 1 on an IP phone

this way the forwarding can be completely controlled from the one phone. If they

want to close early or the receptionist is off, they forward to the new S&M Hunt group

at their new number. If everything is running normally then forward to 5534. WooHoo!

If everyone is in a meeting then forward to a backup person.

With this method the users could also change the forwarding via the ccmuser web access.

You could also leverage the settings James referenced in his good post and create

a new Line group for reception. Using the

Try next member then try next group in Hunt list


Skip remaining members and go directly to next group

to route calls as required.



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