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ICON Bluetooth with 9951 phone - Audio Issue

Level 1
Level 1

CUCM 7.1.5

9951 - sip9951.9-2-3-27

We have  a couple of 9951 phones with the ICON Bluetooth paired to the phones.  The issue we are having is as follows:

User is on a call via Bluetooth

Second call comes into IP Phone

User hears ringing in the Bluetooth

Use does not answer second call but stays on the first call

When the second call stops ringing then the Audio from the first call is no longer present

The first call does not disconnect but user has to pick up the handset to hear audio.

Has anyone else experienced similiar issues with Bluetooth headsets on any of the Cisco phones?



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Level 1
Level 1

I have never used an ICON headset, but I have used 2 different Plantronics models on my 9951 an have not have this problem before.

What firmware are you running on the 9951?

I am running the following firmware on the phones:

9951 - sip9951.9-2-3-27 

I checked and this is the latest which is available on CCO.  I haven't tried an older firmware as of yet but I might give that a try.  Also we purchased the ICON because that was the headset recommended by Cisco.




I have the same problem with a icon, but in my case the bluetooth connection diconnect after 10 seconds talking on the first line. The line is not disconnected, you can put up the handset to have audio again.

It is only between 9951 devices and 7945 devices. If you do the same test between two 9951 devices the bluetooth connection is ok al the time.

Calls from/to outside are no problems.

I upgraded the 9951 to:               sip9951.9-2-3-27

I will now upgrade the 7945 to:     sccp.9-2-3

CUCM ver. is:                    

If anybody has more info, please post.


Upgrading the 7945 has solved MY problem. The line don't disconnect after 10 sec. now.

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