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Implement Router - QOS for Cisco IP communicator

What is the recommendation"best practice" if I need to implement QOS for CICP users, my users will connect from INTERNET "Cisco - VPN" then they will run their Cisco IP communicator to make their business calls…what is the best practice If I need to implement such QOS on Router for VPN users?

Douglas Crane

Are you talking about at a remote location? Or QOS from inside your network?

If it is a Cisco router running 12.2(15)T at the remote location the easiest way would be to implement Auto QOS..

What model are we talking about?

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Yes I access my site by remote client VPN on my laptop (IP Communicator) . it's 2911

Probably the easiest would be to use a Trusted Relay Point to remark the traffic for you. The TRP is just an MTP with codec-passthrough enabled and the TRP checkbox marked on its configuraiton page within CUCM. The TRP will remark the RTP/SCCP packets with the appropriate EF/CS3 DSCP markings.

The TRP will be choosen based on the MRGL of the CIPC device. If you intend to use CIPC at multiple locations (e.g. home and the office) you would want to use Device Mobility to ensure that the appropriate device pool, and by extension the MRGL, is used depending where the device registeredf from.

If you don't like the TRP you just need to write a policy-map for the LAN-facing (post-tunnel) interface that matches on the appropriate protocols/ports and marks them accordingly.

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I am using CUCME 8.6

Then you can use the 'mtp' command on the ephone which is equivelent to the TRP; otherwise, use a normal policy-map to do the marking.

what does MTP command do ?

paolo bevilacqua
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Don't bother configuring QoS for Internet users, because there is no QoS on the Internet.

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