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Incoming Calls


We are currently running CallManager 11.0 and have a couple of questions:


1) Our DID number are 284-xxxx and 457-xxxx.  Our directory number are setup as 5-digit extensions - 4xxxx and 7xxxx.  Who converts the 7-digit number to 5-digits?  Our phone line carrier (ATT)?  CallManager?


2) We are planning on getting an 800 number - 800-222-3333.  Do we just enter the directory number into CallManager as 23333?



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You'll need to perform the translation either on the gateway itself via the CLI or by using translation patterns in CUCM. Call manager is easier in my opinion.


Same goes for number 2. Figure out what DNIS the telco sends when calling the 800 number and translate it accordingly.


Are you SIP or PRI? You can run some debugs to see what is being sent by the telco...

We found this translation pattern.  Does it look like it is changing the DID to 5-digits?


Translation Pattern - 55924.xxxxx

Partition - SIP-Inbound-PT

Calling Search Space - InBoundGW-CSS

Discard digits - PreDot


Yes, looks like you are receiving 10 digits and it's removing the first 5. Doesn't appear to align with the DID range you've posted though.

Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Start by running debugs in your GW to find out what you get from your telco, that will give you the answer to #1, if you want to know the call flow in CUCM, use DNA or just look at your config/dial plan.


#2 ask your telco, they will tell you what number they will use for that 800 when they direct the calls to you, many times it won't even be a DID as you're thinking



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