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InitMMAppletInstance failed to get instance

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I am trying to click Play/record button on Cisco Unity 9.1 , i am getting above subjected Error.

I am using Windows 7,Also tried to degrade the JAVA version 6 update 7 , even though it's not working.

Can some one help me here to fix this issue.



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Hi Jaime,

I tried the the Link but it's not opening.

In order to upload the greetings you can either configure/update Java or use Audio Text Manager tool.

Configuring/Updating Java:


Make sure you are running java 7 update 51, as it is the recommended version, refer to link (


Close all of the browsers

– Verify that all processes are cleared in Task Manager [Ctrl+Shift+Escape]] or type in the search start menu “view running processes with Task Manager”; you should not see any processes like specified below.

* firefox.exe
* iexplore.exe
* chrome.exe

Remove existing Java that is installed

– uninstall Java 6,7,8
– delete all the sub-folders in “C:\Program Files\Java” or “C:\Program Files (x86)\Java”
– clear cache and browser history

– after Java installation type “Configure Java” at the Windows search start menu and you will see similar output to the below.

Clear temporary files in the Java

Set the security level and exceptions

– Security Level = Medium
– Exception site list. Add the CUC sites for PUB and SUB. Edit Site List.

http://<IP address of CUC>:443
http://<IP address of CUC>:8443

Disable security verification in Java

Mixed code disabled = DISABLE VER
Perform certificate revocation checks = Do not check
Advanced security settings = ALL

Verify Java is running and enabled on Mozilla/Firefox/IE


Using Audio Text Manager


Kindly download ATM which is java platform independent


  1. Download and install Informix ODBC drivers (
  2. Download and install Audiotext Manager(ATM) for connection(
  3. On unity connection administration page->users -> create a user without a mailbox and grant him Remote Administrator Role
  4. On unity connection administration page->advanced->connection administration->Database Proxy: Service Shutdown Timer (in Days) - Give a value 20
  5. On cisco unity connection serviceability page-> tools->service management->activate and start the Connection Database Proxy service

This video will show how you can use ATM:

For the tool help, kindly refer to below mentioned link:

Refer to the following link for troubleshooting Media Master Bar issue with Unity Connection:

Thanks for taking the time to post this. Having I've followed your steps, I've had to resort to Audio Text Manager because I simply can't resolve the "initmmapplet: initmmappletinstance failed to get instance"issue if I try and play/record and greetings from the CUC administration page using my Windows 7 (64 bit) PC.


I assumed that the recommendation to install JRE 7 update 51 may have been specific CUC 9.X ( refers) and on checking the Cisco Unity Connection Release 11.0 (, note that JRE 8 update 79 is recommended.


However try as I might, I can't find JRE 8 update 79 anywhere as it appeared to jump from update 77 to 91. I can find references JRE 7 update 79 although downloading it may be a differenct matter as Oracle don't seem to offer it anymore. Did JRE 8 update 79 ever exist or is that a typo in the document. As I've said, I've decided to go the ATM route but it would be nice to resolve the Java issue




Your posted saved my weekend, I was able to upload a .mp3 file through ATM Recoding Tool and Overwrite with sound file option.

Excellent news. From my own personal experiences, I've found it pays to set aside some time to familiarise myself with Audi Text Manager. It has saved the day so many times that it is now my "go to" utility.

All the best


Santosh Mohite
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Use Internet Explorer to open Unity Web Application. Once you click on desired field, it will prompt you to download the required version of Java. Once Java is installed, restart IE and reopen Unity. It should work.

There is possibility that due to security reasons, Java doesn't get installed. In that case, you need to go to Control Panel > Java > Security > Exception Site List > Add... Here you need to add unity IP address https://X.X.X.X


Thanks for the suggestion.


We are running IE version 11.0.9600.18816CO update version 11.0.47 and I've tried your suggestions including adding the security exceptions in the Java console but still get the splash screen "InitMMAppletInstance failed to get instance" and in the desired field I see the following error "No support for Java applet: application/x-java-applet;version=1.5"





Hi Richard,

Did you restart the browser after making the changes?

What are the Java versions you are seeing in control panel > Programs and Features ?



Yes IE was restarted.

Java version is 1.8.0_131 x86_64 bit architecture if that helps.



For sure, the error is related to Java. Try installing below Java versions manually, restart and then try.

Java 7 Update 51 - Java SE Development Kit 7u51

Java 8 Update 151 - Java SE Development Kit 8u151


I've tried the steps outlined above and then restarted after each..i.e download and install Java 7 Update 51 - Java SE Development Kit 7u51, reboot and test - no improvement followed by download and install Java 8 Update 151 - Java SE Development Kit 8u151, reboot and test. Again no improvement.


Have confirmed all three Java version are now listed and ticked in the Java console.