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Martin Diaz

IP phones 6921 and 7937G not accessing local directory.

Hi, I recently installed a CME 8.0 with IP phones 6921, 7937G, 7942G, 7962G, 7965G, and IP Communicator, and all telephones except the 6921 and 7937G, can access the local directory, they show message "error XML 4". I checked the XML configuration file for the phones and the parameter <directoryURL></directoryURL> is correct, every name in the local directory use only letters a-z and use less than 25 characters. I just learned that the IP phones 6921 and 7937 are not supported for localization on CME, only english language supported. When phones 6921 and 7937G are reset, they look for files rtl-sccp.jar (6921) and rp-sccp.jar (7937G) which are not present in the localization files. My question is: the phones not accessing the local directory is a firmware related problem? Could be a bug? or has something to do with the phones not getting files rtl-sccp.jar and rp-sccp.jar. I already changed firmware in the phones (9.0.2 and 9.0.3 for the 6921), but the problem remains. Router 3825 has IOS 15.1(2)T1.



Hi Martin,

i have the same problem with my Cisco UC520 CME 8.1 & CUE 8.0.3.

i tried to install the german localization files but the phones did not change to german language. After i debugged the tftp events i saw the same problem like you; the file "rp-sccp.jar" seems to be required for Cisco phones 69xx. This File is not included in the UC500 8.1.0 locale files.

I get an error message, when the phones are configured on german localization:


XML Error [4]: Parse Error

This error is not occurring on english configured 69xx phones. It looks like the localization support for Cisco phones 69xx is supported in CME 8.6 in 2011-MAR..

From this thread:

Looks like I'll have to wait for new sw release. Thanks for the info.


Hi all,

I'm having this problem also on the 7937 ip conference station.

I'm on CME 8.5

I've searched if the new release had some solution for this issue, but i didn't find it.

As you can see:

Could anyone tell me if the release 8.6 has solved this issue?

Best Regards,

Timoteo Ribeiro

Hi Timoteo,

I installed a few days ago, a CUCME with release 8.6 and firmware included with the release and the problem I had with the phones 6900 and 7937 are solved. I can use other locales with the phones. I haven´t tried to check the problem with the corporate directory but I think that if the problem with locales is solved then the Corporate Directory shoul be solved too.

mohamed helmy

Hello Martin,

I faced the same issue with 6921 it was just a bug. Solved by upgrading to firmware 9.3.1


Mohamed Helmy

Regards, Mohamed Helmy

I had the same problem with a 7937G. The issue was solved when setting user-locale and network-locate to US at the telephony service.

I had US and ES as locales.

good luck.

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