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Is it possible to download the configuration from an IP Phone?


Hi everyone,


I am just wondering after the last problem I had if it is possible to download the XML configuration file directly from the Cisco phone. I had a case where I was struggling to make CP7940 phones register on Asterisk, trying every which configuration in the XML file and uploading to the phone via TFTP. There was ONE phone that the customer had that registered in his Asterisk server, but he did not have a copy of the SEP_MAC config file.


I took a long time to figure out the exact config file for that Asterisk server. I could have saved a lot of time if I had just been able to access the configuration file for that device so I could clone it for the other devices.


Is this possible?


Thank you

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piyush aghera



Give below a try and see if it helps:

1. Access http://<ip address of tftp>:6970/ConfigFileCacheList.txt in internet browser to see all files available in TFTP server.


2. Replace ConfigFileCacheList.txt file with phone configuration file name (retrieved  in above step) and access it in browser. You get a prompt to save the file.

http://<ip address of tftp>:6970/<phone config file name>

I think you missed the fact that this person is not using CUCM, rather Asterisk, and so I don't think the TFTP URL provided will be of benefit to them; as that is CUCM specific.
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