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Issue with ccmdb getting hung up at 33% while performing a restore


Hello everyone,

We're currently in the process of upgrading our system from CUCM 12.5.1 SU3 to CUCM 14 SU3. However, before attempting the upgrade, we wanted to address an error message that has been persisting since the installation of 12.5.1, which reads "ERROR-UNSUPPORTED: Partitions unaligned." To resolve this issue, we decided to rebuild both the publisher and subscriber as a necessary step before proceeding with the upgrade.

Restoring data to the subscriber went well, but we've encountered a roadblock with the publisher. For the past three nights, it appears to get stuck at the 33% mark during the ccmdb restoration. We've patiently waited for about 2 hours each time, but it hasn't progressed beyond that point. We're not sure if it's genuinely stuck, or if we're just being too impatient.

We attempted to check the DRF logs using RTMT, but we'll admit, we're not very proficient at deciphering these logs. To make matters more challenging, our Tac person, who was supposed to assist us last night, suddenly stopped responding after we had been exchanging messages.

Does anyone here know how to monitor the real-time progress of what's being processed, especially when it comes to the ccmdb? The GUI doesn't seem to provide much information. Has anyone else encountered a similar issue? Any advice or insights you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

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Please check if the VM has been correctly sized to host the CUCM version you are installing.

I suggest you to download the correct OVF template for the version you need.

Also you need to restore the Pub before all other nodes.

Please let me know 





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Restoring the subscriber before the publisher is not a recommended process. It’s advisable to first complete the restoration of the publisher and then proceed with the subscriber. As Carlo mentioned, please ensure that you have the correct specifications required for CUCM 12.5.

I would suggest considering a migration to CUCM 14 using Prime Collaboration Deployment (PCD). This could provide a more streamlined and efficient process.

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