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Jabber & Smart Phones

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Frequent Contributor

Hello everyone,

We are planning to deploy Jabber (Voice Only) on IPhone and Android smart phones. Everything works perfectely well except when the phones goes in sleep mode. The smart phone gets unregistred from CUCM and any incoming call would be missed. As mentionned, we are using Jabbe for Voice only and have no IM & Presence. Is there a way that we can notify the smart phones for the incoming calls? I am aware that we can use push notifications but it looks like it requires IM & Presence for Push notification to work. Is there any other solution for our voice only environnent?






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Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Mentor VIP Mentor
VIP Mentor

The only available option to make  this working is Push notification. 

Push notification can be used for both on Prem and cloud deployment. AFAIK there in such requirement that IMP is a must Push Notifications Prerequisites does mention that the IM is mandatory. 


Here is the configurations guide




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Roger Kallberg
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VIP Expert

I don’t think that push notifications is mutually exclusive to IMP. It should be applicable for call only scenarios as well. Recommend you to setup it up and see how it goes.

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I made a mistake and pressed on the Accept As Solution button instead of Reply.


This the message I received when I try to enable the Push Notification on Cisco Cloud Onboarding Configuration. Based on the below message I believe IMP is a requirement.

isco Cloud Onboarding Configuration



Cisco Cloud Onboarding Pending. Please navigate to Control Center - Network Services page under Unified Serviceability and restart the XCP Config Manager and XCP Router service on all IM&P servers after you enable or disable Push Notification. Restarting the XCP Router service will disconnect all clients and should be performed during a maintenance window. Send Troubleshooting information to Cisco Cloud is enabled after Cloud Onboarding is successful.


That is a generic message that is shown when push notification is enabled, it is an informative message to let you know what services that are needed to restart if you have that in your system landscape. It does not mean that you have to have IMP, or CUPS if you prefer that name, for push notification to work.


We are in fact no longer using IMP as we have a few month ago finalized the migration from Jabber to the now not so new Webex app that combines all the features from Jabber, Webex Meeetings desktop app and Cisco Proximity and push notifications works just fine for us.

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I receive an error message when I try to save the change. Please see the attached file.





Recommend you to interact with TAC on this as there is something awry with your specific system.

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I just tested turning on push notification on our sandbox system that runs 14 SU1 and does not have any IMP system. It works as expected and as I wrote you do get that informative message about the need to restart a couple of services on the IMP system.


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That's a great news Roger,

Would you happen to know why am I receiving the error message?

I am not selecting the Enable HTTP Proxy box. Do you think it's because of that?

Just opened a TAC case.





There are some prerequisite for the push notification. Make sure you completed asper the guide 

check if cucm can resolve and reach the host names mentioned in the guide.


Recently I enabled push notification for our cucm but it was with IM. 

The message which you received is informative.



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Not very likely, we use a proxy to reach internet, so for us it’s a requirement. If your CM can communicate with the Cisco cloud service natively you’ll won’t need to set a proxy.

As stated earlier if you can not get it resolved your best option is to seek assistance from TAC.

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And btw you should have the option to deselect an answer as the solution to your question.

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