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Managing SX20 updates via CUCM

Paul McGurn
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

We have quite a few SX20's deployed, and updating them manually has proven to be quite a challenge.

My question is, if we install the upgrade-specific COP file to the CUCM cluster, do we absolutely have to reboot the cluster in order to proceed with upgrading the endpoints?  All endpoints are already registered to CUCM.

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Enrico Conedera
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

First, if you are running CUCM, it is not recommended to upgrade the endpoints individually from the web interface.  CUCM will overwrite their software when the endpoint reboots, with the software that CUCM has listed as Phone Load Name, by default.

Here are your upgrade options as I understand them:

If you provide new SX20 software by upgrading CUCM with a cop.sgn file, and that is *all* you are doing, then you just have to restart the TFTP service.

If, on the other hand, you are installing a Device Pack, which would change the behavior visually of CUCM, by providing additional Devices in the drop-down menu, then you do have to restart CUCM.

So for example, if you want to upgrade your SX20s to TC7.2.0, you would use the cmterm-s52010tc7_2_0.cop.sgn file to upgrade CUCM, assuming your endpoint software uses encryption.  Once the upgrade is complete, you restart the TFTP services and you are done.

However, lets say you want to install a Device Pack.  There actually are new Device Packs that support new endpoint settings from CUCM, in TC7.2 endpoints.

These new settings are as follows, from the standpoint of the SX20:

xConfiguration SystemUnit Name: string

xConfiguration Video OSD TodaysBookings: on/off

xConfiguration Standby StandbyAction: None/PrivacyPosition

xConfiguration Audio DefaultValue: 0-100

xConfiguration Conference 1 MaxTotalReceiveCallRate: 64-10000

xConfiguration Conference 1 MaxTotalTransmitCallRate: 64-10000

The Device Packs that support these new settings are:

Device Package 10.5(1)(11005-2), 9.1(2)(12045-1), or 8.6(2)(25132-1)

You will note that you must be running CUCM 8.6(2), 9.1(2), or 10.5(1) for these Device Packs to work.

After you installed the Device Pack, you would have to restart CUCM, to have the changes applied in the "skin" of the Device management pages.

Thank you for the detailed response.  I hadn't been installing the COP files for SX20 endpoints because we already had a 9.x device pack containing it.  It's actually possible to not push upgrades via CUCM if you delete the images from the TFTP, which I had to do in order to reduce the size of the DRS backups.  Now that we're continuing to grow our endpoint size for these, I'm being forced to reconsider that.

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