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Manual/Scheduled Backup of Unity databases etc. Failing.

Cathy Adams
Level 1
Level 1

We first had issues with the SFTP program we were using not backing up files over 1.5GB.  Switched to Solarwinds SFTP/SCP application.  The backup of the CUCM is working just fine.  The backup of the UNITY files...  getting this error:  "Failed to initiate backup. Unable to access SFTP or SFTP server too slow to respond."

Also, before getting that error,  it would start backing up the Connection_Database   but would stop at Status 40 with 20% being completed.

What other SFTP programs are available that will backup the files on both the CUCM and the UNITY??  What are other companies using??



Also,  how can you tell the size of the files (.tar) that are being created??                

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Accepted Solutions

Remove /partner from the URL and it will work.

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Jonathan Schulenberg
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Here's the list of options that Cisco tests with. TAC won't even help you unless you can reproduce the issue with one of these items.

PS- Be sure that the filesystem of whatever is running the backup supports files in excess of 2GB; i.e. not FAT.


Thanks for the reply but the website will not pull up.  I get a forbidden File or application window from Cisco.


Remove /partner from the URL and it will work.

Thanks Jonathan.  I got it now.  Will try one of those and will post if it is a go and which one I used.