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MIgration CUCM 4.0 to 8.0

Hello I need to migrate a CUCM 4.0 to 8.5 the number of the update is as follows: MIG-CUCM-USR-A, anyone know the procedure to obtain the license file for version 8.5

Clifford McGlamry
Rising star

If you have UCSS in force, you can use the PUT tool to order it.  If you don't, then you'll have to consult the UC ordering guide or contact a cisco partner for assistance it placing the order.

The migration utility will create a license file for the devices on your current system.  You can work with licensing to get it hosted to the correct MAC address of your new server. 




You just need to register the PAK keys by going to the Cisco Licensing Portal :

MIG-CUCM-USR-A shall be automatically polulated based on your PO# / SO#. Once you have registered the PAKs, you will recieve license files via email almost instantly.


Actually, when you migrate from 4.x to 8.x I don't think you get a SW feature license directly for 8.x because this is not a direct migration.  When you register your PAK(s), you may find (as I did with a customer recently) that you get a 7.0 feature license and will then need to order the 8.5 upgrade via PUT as Cliff noted above (this requires UCSS and ESW).  From there, you would register the upgrade PAKs to get a permanent 8.x feature license.


Please rate helpful posts! don't get the software feature license directly from the tool.  But you DO get your DLU licenses.

The license from PUT is only the software feature license....and both are required.


BTW David,

You're correct it is not a direct upgrade from 4 to 8.5.  But you don't need to license it at 7.0 if you're doing a stepped upgrade.  I've done this several times by taking the DMA Tar file, upgrading to 7 in the lab on an MCS server (never licensed at v7), performing the bridged upgrade to 8.X in the lab (no license at v8), running the backup, moving it to production servers, reinstall via DMA, and THEN get the 8.X licenses.

Works just fine.    No 7.x licenses were required. Since this was done in the lab, it didn't affect call processing.

Obviously if you're having to reuse the production equipment, you might have to do things differently, but usually you're upgrading hardware in this sotware upgrade as well. 


Yep. You're right. I was actually referring to how the licensing for the migration SKU works (noted in original post) when you activate the PAK. it's an 8.x SKU but the feature license given may be 7.x...which is why you'd need the PUT order to get the permanent license.


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