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missed calls as service url at 6941 doesnt work

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i'm configured the preinstalled phone service "missed calls" from cisco as standard ip phone service and put it at a service url phone button. at a 79xx phone this works fine, i press the button and the "missed call" list appear. if i configure the same at a 6941 phone at first the service doesnt appear at the service list at phone and at second, the service url button is right at the phone, but if i press it, the message "Error!: services unavailable" appears.

CUCM is 7.1.3

phone loads for 6941 is 8.5.3

somebody can help?

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can you please let me know what is the service url link you used to access to the missed calls directly via service url line button?

i'm using CUCM 7.1.5, can't get it to function properly,




there is no url. I copied the service Missed Calls in Device >> Device Settings >> Phone Service. Set it to service type "Standard" , service category  to "XML" and enable it.

Subscribe this service normal to phone with a service url button or as normal service.

It works only with 79xx in my environment..


thank you very much for the update on the issue,

but it still isn't OK, i did as you told me (see the attached image)

when pressing the surl button i get the message "Host Not Found"

I'm testing on CP-7960G,

If anyone has any more ideas, i will appreciate any help,


be sure that your phone can reach the callmanager via http.

check System >> Enterprise Parameter at CUCM that the Name of the Callmanager in the URLs can be resolved by DNS that you assigned to the phones. Better you switch the name to the CUCM-IP-address in these URLs.

it's all ip,

no names are in use..

will explore it just in case :/



I am trying to setup the same. Can you send the screen shot of your Phone service?



I think I found something. I tried it on CIPC - SCCP, nothing was displayed on the Phone when the button was pressed. Testing with other phone models now.

Here are the instructions if someone else is also intrested:

Adding an IP Phone Service to a Phone Button

If you want to do so, you can assign the service to a phone button (a speed dial button) that is configured as a service URL.

By default, the IP phone service can display under the Directory, Message, or Services button/options on the phone, depending on your configuration in the IP Phone Services Configuration window, so you only need to add an IP phone service to a phone button if you want the service to display as a speed dial.

You can only perform this procedure for IP phone services that are not marked as enterprise subscriptions. Perform the following steps to add a service to a service URL button.

  1. Add the service to Cisco Unified Communications Manager (see IP Phone Service Configuration Settings).

Just to give ending to my question, the feature worked perfectly fine after upgrading the phone firmware.

Was hitting "CSCtq18230".


can anybody help me to use "Missed Calls" as a service URL (Standard IP phone service) at a Cisco 6941.

I just copied the phone service "Missed Calls" and changed "directory" to "Standard-IP-phoneservice".

The service URL I don`t changed and it`s still "Application:Cisco/MissedCalls".

When I try to use this copied phone service at a Cisco 6941 as a URL I always get back a XML-error.

Is the service URL "Application:Cisco/MissedCalls" still correct when I try to use Missed calls as a Standard IP phoneservice?

The load at the Cisco 6941 is SIP



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