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Moving from SWSS to Flex, CUCM setup

Hi Guys

We are looking to move from SWSS to Flex licencing on our CUCM.

Currently we have a plm server with all the licences on.

Once we move to Flex, what config needs to be done on the CUCM end? is this done on the cucm or plm server?

Also, where are the flex licences located, are they on the page or somewhere else?IP Telephony and PhonesIP Telephony and Phones


Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Mentor

SWSS is not license it’s subscription. With swss you can upgrade your server to the latest version.  Can you explain a little more about  What exactly you are going to do?

Flex is subscription based. On flex You can buy licenses for version14,  12 and 11.


if you opted version 12+ licenses will be deposited on your smart account.


if you opted version 11, you will get the pak and you install the license on plm but the new licenses will have validity.


if you are on older version it’s recommended to upgrade to 12.5



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Roger Kallberg
VIP Mentor

There are AFAIK actually no change on your system side for this. It is just the licensing agreement with your company and Cisco that changes from perpetual to subscription based.

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Hi Roger

surely the plm server would now pull the licences from Cisco rather than me installing them manually? As with flex you get X Percent growth built in etc

No. PLM do AFAIK not have that functionality. You’d still need to put the licenses on the PLM manually. With Smart Licensing there is a connection between an on-prem SSM and the cloud SSM.

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Once you place an order for EA, it includes the free  growth licenses. you can see additional  license  in the BOQ and will be available on your smart account or PAK. 


Means, when you place an order for 250 KW. Your BOQ will include below items.


         KW  250

20 % KW    50

20% AC     50

50%  CA   125



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Ammar Saood

One thing to add which not many Cisco people highlight is.

Last date to extend or renew any perpetual/permanent UCL/UWL license is October 30,2021. After that its only FLEX subscription licenses. 

Last date of CUWL/UCL 10.x,11.x,12.x Software support is Jan 31, 2024 which means you can only extend your old SWSS to this date and this is also the last day to enjoy permanent license. After this date, you are forced to migrate to FLEX subscription licenses.


For UCCX its a different story. Most customers I have are on 10.6.x or 11.5 and SW support for UCCX 10.6 is up to January 31, 2022 which means even if you renew your SWSS for UCCX 10.6.x today, it will end by January 31, 2022.

End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Announcement for the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 10.x - Cisco


Hope it helps,





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