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Music On Hold is not working

Hello Guys,

I do faced a MOH not working from my IP Phone 9971 that connected to CUCM ver 8.6.2. I have done the basic configuration for MOH such as:

1. Create MOH Server

2. Add MOH Server to MRGL

3. Add MRGL to MRG

4. Add MRG to the device pool which your IP phone are using.

However, when i put on hold from the phone, the sample audio is not playing. Is there anything that i left? For your info all registered to Publisher. Kindly please share your opinion or url or document on step by step to configure MOH in cucm 8.x

Your opinion is highly appreciate.

Many Thanks.

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Aman Soi
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi Mohd.

Did u activate IPVMS under cisco serviceability in PUB?



Did you enabled the necessary codecs under IPVMS??

Is the MOH source on that server??



if this helps, please rate



if this helps, please rate

Hi Jaime,

The IP Voice Media Streaming Apps (Pub) is activated and the MOH source also register on Pub. Any other things that i have left?

Many Thanks

I am facing same problem..


any suggestion??

Are you getting silence or ToH?

Which phones are involved in a call?

Unicast or multicast MoH?

Did you verify the configuration as per comments in this thread?

I am trying to play MOH from H.323 gw locally, I have uploaded the file.

- I have "Use Multi-cast for MOH Audio (If at least one multi-cast MOH resource is available" on MRG

- I have done configs.

 secondary-dialtone 9
 max-conferences 12 gain -6
 transfer-system full-consult
 timeouts interdigit 12
 ip source-address port 2000
 max-ephones 110
 max-dn 100 dual-line
 system message primary SRST activated WAN down
 translation-profile outgoing PSTN-OUTGOING
 call-forward noan 821321888 timeout 10
 moh enable-g711 "MOH.ULAW.wav"
 multicast moh port 16384 route
 time-format 24
 date-format dd-mm-yy

- User can't even hear tone on hold.






If you can post your entire SRST Config we can tell where exactly the configuration should go.

Traditionally one has to observe the following steps:

1. Upload the MoH file to the Flash

2. Make sure that same file is in the CCM MoH Server as well

3. Make sure that CCM MoH configuration is complete (i.e. where the phones are local to the CCM, they can hear the MoH on their phones)

4. The Same MoH configuration should be applied to the Branch Phones (through Device Pool or direct configuration)

5. Make sure the following entries are in the SRST router


moh music-on-hold.wav

multicast moh port 16384



+5 to Wilson for highlighting critical points.

Very frequent issues with MoH playing from routers flash I saw before;

1. G.711mu is not enabled for MoH under service parameters.

2. Incorrect region configuration. Region settings between MoH server and holdee must allow G.711 with 64 kbps minimum bandwidth.

3. G.711mu is not configured under respective dialpeer in router.

4. Incorrect MoH file format in routers flash.

5. Not enabled multicast in CUCM wherever required. Enable multicast in audio source, server, MRG.




Another thing that you have to check is that multicast is enabled between the router and the destination.

Can you let us know if MOH is not working on phones which located on the same network with the router?

Just to make sure, can you validate that you MOH file is on the flash and in case it is a file which you've recorded, can you attach a print screen of the properties of the file, just to make sure that it is G711ulaw formatted file.

Nishant Savalia

Hi Mohd,

Can you please share whether the call made is within same device pool and also which codec is being used while call is active?

Because if it's G.729 then bydefault IPVMS streams G.711 codec and it can support G.729 it it's selected in service parameter.

Please check it once.

Regards, Nishant Savalia
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