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MVA call recording for CUCM 12.5 users using third party recorder server

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Level 1

Hello Experts,


We have setup of CUCM 12.5 where IP phones are registered on CUCM and ISR 4k on which E1 PRI is terminated. And MVA will be enabled for few users.

The requirement is, we want to record the MVA calls Using CUBE NBR (Network based recording) using third party recording server.

Does ISR 4k gateway require the CUBE licenses to enable the CUBE NBR on gateway?



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Graham Old
Level 7
Level 7

You can do dial peer forking from the gateway to an external recording server.

To do the dial-peer forking your call must be SIP to SIP. Even if your trunk to CUCM is SIP your external protocol is E1.

What you need to do is send your E1 call to a loopback IP address in the gateway using SIP and then a second hop which is SIP from the loop back IP address to UCM using again using SIP. This second hop is then SIP to SIP and can be forked.

I have done a small number of these where the customer wanted to record calls to an out of hours service so no IP phone was in the call path to use the built in bridge.

To answer your question I don't see you would need a CUBE license because you are not running as a border element


current my recorder support both SPAN and BIB mode, how to record call when no ip phone in the path? any detial explain for dial peer forking?

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