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nested call pickup groups

hi,i have this question, since i dont have the hardware to test it and i dont want to do the testing on the customer premises, Id like to know what do you think

since a call pickup group can only contain 10 different call groups, can i avoid this restriction nesting the pickupo call groups?

for example, If i have 12 pickup groups, then i create 3 pickup groups containing 4 groups each, the i create a pickup group containing the the three, an extension belonging to the last created pickupgroup, the one containing all og them, will be able to pickup a call from any extension belonging to any group?

I dont know if my question is clear,

Thanks in advance


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paolo bevilacqua
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Hall of Fame Master

Just curious, why so many pickup groups? They are a very poor and unprofessional way to answer calls.

Calls shold go to the right person, not the opposite.

I have no idea... actually its a customer that just bougth a cucm, i think its their first IP voice solution and they are just  ... fascinated with all the funcionalities and they are asking for everything... it doesnt matter how de we advice, they want everything in every phone.. and now we are starting to face the problems, its a 90 phones deployment, and they want the operatior being able to pickup any forwarded and unanwsered call, something reasonable, but they have so many pickupgroups (13 pickup groups for 90 extensions)  that i can not see the way of making that possible, im goint to advice again to elimiante some pickup groups,but i was wondering if thats a solution anyway

Yes, the worse possible client profile, they think they know all and how things should be done. Good luck.

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