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Todd Volz

New SX10 and Touch 8 or Touch 10?

If you haven't seen the new release for MX and SX series:

The SX10 is an all in one POE powered codec, camera and Mic that sits on top of a flat panel. 

My question is: Can a touch 8 or touch 10 be paired with it?

There are no data sheets out yet, so this will probably get answered with a data sheet, but as all of the products "should" be available in Spring 2014 and I need to purchase some codecs now I might be able to get creative with lead times to get the best bang for the buck as the SX10 is supposed to cost about as much as a PC as I read from the above news release:

"Costing less than the price of a PC, the Cisco TelePresence SX10 Quick Set builds upon elements many companies already have in smaller meeting spaces—flat panel displays—to create incredible video meeting spaces."

Tyler Ronsman

Currently the Touch's aren't supported - but will be in future updates.

The datasheet isn't linked on the Product Webpage but is here -…

It looks to be a Class 4 PoE device - same as DX650 and the majority of video phones.  The DS states that it's a max 12W during normal operation.  So just above class 3 and into class 4 for PoE.


Anyone have any dates on when they can be ordered and when first custom ship is?

Hi -- thanks for your interest. FCS and orderability are expected within the next several weeks.

Since the SX10 registers with UCM, what are the licensing requirements?  Same as an IP Phone?

I see is states UCM 8.6 and above.  Are there any feature lost or gained by UCM version?

Hello, I am trying to find out if an SX10 registered to CUCM 8.6.2 will be able to make video calls. A customer is testing and having an issue where a SIP trunk has been configured between CUCM and Acano, the call from the SX10 is connecting but only with audio. Lots of things to check including Region settings but can someone confirm or point me to documentation where an SX10 can register to CUCM 8.6.2 and make video calls?

Yep it will work with CUCM 8.6.2. The data sheet pretty much calls this out

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vyam: You'll need to purchase Telepresence Room licensing for Communications Manager.

"R-UCL-UCM-LIC-K9" and the minor line item for "LIC-TP-10X-ROOM" or "LIC-TP-9X-ROOM" depending on 9.x or 10.x CSR release.

I would recommend version 9.x+ for CTS endpoint call control.

Is that confirmed? Considering the unit itself is only 4K list adding 650 to that for a license doesn't make sense

It should be enhanced like an EX series since after all it is a "basic" endpoint



Yes. Adding the TP Room license is required.

Discussing with Cisco since this makes no sense if you have to be competitive in the market. Since I don’t see an official ordering guide yet posted on CCO, hopefully this is subject to change.




The SX10 added to CUCM consumes a license from the Telepresence Room tier. Just verified in production.

That’s just ridiculous. Charging that much for a license when a EX60/90 which has a display works with ENH. The unit is a basic unit and while I agree it’s purpose is to be a shared TP EP, whereas ENH was meant to be assigned to a user and hence TP license makes sense, from a market competitive standpoint they need to re think this structure.



I think the entire TP Room license is meaningless and unnecessary. The TP endpoints cost enough as is. Tacking on a $650 license charge just so I can register them to CM is weird.

I understand Cisco needs to get paid for SW development but we're paying $500 street price for each CUWL professional user. If the TP room license sticks around I would be happy with a 50:1 ratio providing TP room licenses within the CUWL professional program. CUWL Pro gives personal multiparty and WebEx+WebEx SaaS which costs a heck of a lot more than a TP room license.

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