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Resolved! 7906 Firmware Upgrade

We are currently running firmware version SCCP11.8-5-3S on our 7906 phones.  We just upgrade one of our phones to firmware version SCCP11.9-4-2SR1-1S. When we look at the Device Information for the current firmware version it shows: Version SCCP11.8...

dtom by Beginner
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CUC 7.1.5 to 10.5.2SU3

Hello, I am trying to upgrade CUC 7.1.5 to 10.5.2SU3. Everything goes well except a Partition Unaligned error message. I know the unaligned error is due to using a wrong OVA but my final version is 10.5.2 and the OVA I used is 10.5.2 as well. Here're...

mightyking by Frequent Contributor
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7821 SIP Phones

We have few 7821 SIP phones which suddenly started having problems...these phones will ring continuously  but no one is calling!!! They also lose dial tone!!! Once you reset (power cycle) the phone, they work fine. Has anyone come across same symptom...

GWaldbin by Beginner
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Bat Error CUCM

Hello, I trying to create some phones through BAT at CUCM 11 but i always receive this error: DEVICE MOBILITY DYNAMIC :: Error : Found a quote for which there is no matching quote. What could be? My file is attached, i upload the file in CUCM as spec...

The phone speaker button light automatically when I pick up the handle to answer a incoming call.

Hello All    I met a strange issue.  Please tell me if you have any advice. Thank you in advance !     Call manger version is 10.5.2 . Phone is 7941.      The phone speaker button light automatically when I pick up the handle to answer a incoming cal...

yuexp0929 by Beginner
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SIP Trunk

Hi Guys i have a task to link CUCME and Avaya server by SIP trunk  i have a CUCME and some cisco ip phones om my site and want to link it with Avaya server located at another branch so i don`t have problem with configure cisco IP Phones with sip prot...