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AMA-CUCM Troubleshooting: Best Practices for Reading Trace Files


Outside Dial Tone on FXS VG224 ( SCCP )

Hi everyone,

I have a VG224 SCCP running IOS 12.4(24)T7

Voice ports use the CPTONE BR ( config below ) and the problem I am facing is that when any analog phone connected to the FXS ports is taken off hook it generates a continuous dial tone ( instead of the "internal dial tone", the one "cut" every 1 second or so ). When users press the external calls access code ( 0 in Brazil ), dial tone remains the same.

Customer wants the analog phones to work like the IP phones, which means to generate the "internal dial tone" when taken off hook and after the external calls access code ( 0 in Brazil ) is dialed the dial tone changes to a continuous one in a different frequency, the "outside dial tone"

I found a bug for the DE ( Germany CPTONE ), but none for the BR ( Brazilian CPTONE ) :

Voice port config :

voice-port 2/3
cptone BR
timeouts initial 60
timeouts interdigit 60
timeouts call-disconnect 0
timeouts ringing infinity
timing hookflash-in 110 90
description FXS
caller-id enable

CUCM traces show that it is sending the proper SCCP messages to the VG224 abou the tones ( as we can see below ). However VG224 is not acting accordingly :

08925991.001 |18:05:23.497 |AppInfo |LineCdpc(1365): -dispatchToAllDevices-, sigName=CcMoreInfoReq, device=AN38614C302C416

08925994.001 |18:05:23.497 |AppInfo |StationD: (0159446) StartTone tone=33(InsideDialTone), direction=0.

08926045.001 |18:05:26.938 |AppInfo |StationInit: (0159446) KeypadButton kpButton=0
08926049.001 |18:05:26.939 |AppInfo |StationD: (0159446) StopTone
08926060.001 |18:05:26.939 |AppInfo |StationD: (0159446) StartTone tone=34(OutsideDialTone), direction=0
08926160.001 |18:05:31.195 |AppInfo |StationInit: (0159446) OnHook
08926163.001 |18:05:31.195 |AppInfo |StationD: (0159446) StopTone

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Cisco Employee

There is enhancment opened

There is enhancment opened for this feature request. what is IOS version?
VG224: support distinctive ring cadence for internal and external calls
The VG224 provides same ring cadences for a call coming in over the PSTN and another one for a call coming in from an ip phone over the ip cloud.
Br, Nadeem Please rate all useful post.

Hi Nadeem,

Hi Nadeem,

Actually the problem is not with the ringing tone, but with the dial tone. VG224 plays the outside dial tone when the analo phone is offhook. When the external call access code is dialed ( number zero - all offnet route patterns and translations on CUCM starts with zero ) VG224 keeps playing the dial tone until a second digit is entered. Then it becomes mute. We can dial the rest of the digit and call completes.

Problem is that customer wants the analog phone to have the same behavior of the IP phone. I mean, they want to listen to the inside dial tone when the analog phone is taken offhook , and after they dial the external call access code ( zero - to reach the offnet translations and route patters ) then they want the hear the outside dial tone.

I am not sure if that is a limitation of the FXS ports or if that is supposed to work the same way it does on SCCP IP phones.

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