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Phone Registration Problem


We're having some trouble registering phones (8945's) to our CUCM 8.6(2).  There are lots of phones registered already but new phones are having an issue.  I pulled traces for a 'good' and 'bad' registration and can see that when the phone registers successfully the tftp socket opens and the files are transferred but on the unsuccessful phones I don't see this messaging.  I also don't see any messaging that indicates an error but on the phone Status Message logs I can see:

invalid file SEPABCDEF123456.cnf.xml.sgn, authenticated fail. Reason:14.

Anybody know what this particular error points to?




You probably need to erase the ITL from the phone. The TFTP configuration files are digitally signed; if the phone has an ITL from another cluster the signature validation will fail and the phone will reject the cnf file.

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Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the info.  That was definitely my first thought too.  We had a similar problem when staging 7962's on a VM and then deploying to the production CUCM so we would navigate to the ITL screen on the phones and erase that file.  From what I can tell on the 8945's, the UI is different and the 'Erase' option isn't available for ITL.  I've used the admin menu to reset security configs, reset all configs and have gone through the 'hold down # then wait for lights to flash then press 12345.....' and still no luck.  I'll pull up the administration/troubleshooting guide again for the 8945's to see if I'm missing a menu step but in the meantime if you have any feedback, let me know.



Just curious if your problem was related to POE issues with the 89xx series phones.  We recently upgraded from 9.2.3 to 9.3.2 and found that the 8945 phones would not upgrade without a power brick attached to them to our CUCM server running 8.6(2).

Hi Martin

Yep you are right there is no seperate way in 8945 phones to delete the ITL files. You need to reset the security configurations to erase the ITL files.

Can you try restarting the TFTP service once.


Aditya Gupta


Hello, i have the same Problem.

8941 Phones with Software 9-2-3-5.

I erase the security configuartion and also an Factory reset with 12345....

Restart the TFTP Server. New configuartion the Phone in CUCM

Nothing help. Restart the TFP.

All the Other registered Phones have the same load and also the failure

SEPABCDEF123456.cnf.xml.sgn, authenticated fail. Reason:14.

but they are registered and work

Pretty sure that restart of the TFTP service should get the job done.

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