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PIN number and call control in CME

Is it possible to put a pin number to ephones to control outbound calls without going through FAC way? I am needing to implement a simple/easy solution in a CME ver. 7.x where calls from a particular phones are possible only after inputing the code. Thanks,

Rob Huffman
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Hi there,

To use a PIN code to authorize calls (without FAC). In CME use Call Blocking and Override funtionality. Have a look;

Call  blocking to prevent unauthorized use of phones is implemented by  matching a pattern of specified digits during a specified time of day  and day of week or date. Up to 32 patterns of digits can be specified.  Call blocking is supported on IP phones only and not on analog foreign  exchange station (FXS) phones.

When  a user attempts to place a call to digits that match a pattern that has  been specified for call blocking during a time period that has been  defined for call blocking, a fast busy signal is played for  approximately 10 seconds. The call is then terminated, and the line is  placed back in on-hook status.

Call  blocking applies to all IP phones in a Cisco CME system, although  individual IP phones can be exempted from all call blocking.

Individual  phone users can be allowed to override call blocking associated with  designated time periods by entering **personal identification numbers  (PINs)** that have been assigned to their phones.

For  IP phones that support soft keys, such as the Cisco IP Phone 7940G and  the Cisco IP Phone 7960G, the call-blocking override feature allows  individual phone users to override the call blocking that has been  defined for designated time periods. The system administrator must first  assign a personal identification number (PIN) to any phone that will be  allowed to override call blocking.

Then,  to override call blocking, the phone user presses the Login soft key on  the phone and enters the PIN that is associated with the phone. Note  that logging in to a phone with a PIN only allows the user to override  call blocking that is associated with particular time periods. Blocking  patterns that are created with the 7-24 keyword in the after-hours block  pattern command are in effect 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and they  cannot be overridden by using a PIN.

When  PINs are configured for call-blocking override, they are cleared at a  specific time of day or after phones have been idle for a specific  amount of time. The time of day and amount of time can be set by the  system administrator.

From this good CME doc;

There is also this 3rd party product;



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