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Ringing on Un-assigned Button - Cisco 9971 Issue


Hi There,

We have a scenario like , The call is hitting in Primary line for 5 rings and its jumping into second button of the phone which is not having any number configured and it is continuing for 4 more rings, May i know what is the issue and how to resolve.                  


Joseph Martini
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

It sounds like the call is showing on the second session key (right side button rather than left) after first appearing on the first session key.  The phone console logs which can be collected from putting the phone's IP address into a browser when you have "Web Access" set to enabled in CUCM will help identify why the phone is presenting the call this way.

HI Joe,

Thanks for your reply, But IN Console file there is a lot of messages which we need to spend more time i bilieve, But we have a ticket to solve the issue ASAP, Any clue what is the step for resolution.

As Joe pointed out (+5 for Joe) this is working as designed as the buttons on the right are session buttons not lines. If you do not want to allow call waiting then in CUCM change the "busy trigger" parameter to 1 and second call will end up in forward busy destination, i.e. voicemail.

As to errors in console you will always see some for example CTL not found, etc those are expected if you do not have encryption on.



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