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Send external caller id to "Remote Destination" activated mobile phone?


Hi experts.

I'm trying to figure out where to look for the solution to this problem: whenever an internal Cisco Phone is called from an external number, and the Cisco Phone has also an active "Remote Destination" mobile phone activated - the external callers ID is not shown on the mobile phone. It just shows the local basic number followed by a 0. Problem occurs with Cisco CallManager 6.2.1.

Should it be possible to solve this? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance. :-)

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paolo bevilacqua
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This is often asked. It is not possible to originate calls with a number that is not your.

It is possible if you have a service from your Telco that allowes you to send an ANI that is not part of your DID range.

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roger.kallberg wrote:

It is possible if you have a service from your Telco that allowes you to send an ANI that is not part of your DID range.

That is possible only in the US and Canada, and if I'm not wrong, the OP is from another region.

Your right.

Is there any other "workaround" available? Maybe to share the call history info which is stored in the users IP Phone with his mobile phone?

I guess - we are now talking about a Cisco IP Phone software installed on the users mobile/smartphone - right?

That's not accurate, you can get that service in many more countries than just US and Canada. I have set this up for customers in other countries than those two, for example in Switzerland, Holland, Germany and Sweden.

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Robert Thomas
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So there's a long discussion about this:

Ideally this shouldn't be allowed since it opens the door for fraud and impersonation. If the TELCO allows you to send whatever callerid, you could very well send calls with the ANI of the IRS, or the Feds, even the number for the Whitehouse (very bad idea if you ask me), however some TELCO will waive this restriction from your PRI for some customers they like.

Technically speaking this doesn't depend on RDP feature at all. This depends on "Calling Party Selection" setting on the MGCP PRI (I haven't experimented this on other protocols, so I'm unsure on the outcome) If you setup this parameter to be "Originator" you get the original caller id behaviour. If you set this to "Last Redirecting External" you get the last redirect number. If you have this to "Originator" and are still seen your company number your TELCO is re-writing your ANI so go and talk them into allowing you to impersonate any PSTN number.

As a side note I had an experience in CUCM 9.X where the behavior from this feature changed, and this feature interaction was removed from RDP, since DE would consider this as a "flaw". Afterwards a caveat was opened and I think the functionality was rolled back to the way it was, I would have to look at my notes though.

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