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SIP Trunk termination on an existing MGCP GATEWAY



               I need your help regarding implementation of IP-based VoIP connection between two Cisco 38xx voice gateways.

The scenario is as follow:

  • Two organizations have fiber connection between the two datacenters
  • An ASA at each site interfacing the other one
  • Each org have two C3821 ISR with 4-nodes UC cluster running version 7.1
  • Org-A controls the VG’s using MGCP
  • Org-B controls the VG’s using H.323
  • Both parties want to communicate internally utilizing the existing fiber (caller ID must be passed to other side). So going over Telecome provider E1’s is not an option
  • There is a major IP schema conflict between both parties

The suggested (and almost approved) solution was to NAT Org-A VG’s on the firewall, and create VG-to-VG link. This way the traffic will be terminated on the VG’s instead of having it set-to-set.

The problem,

               We were not able to locate information on how to setup SIP (or other IP-based) connection on MGCP.

I’d appreciate it if you can provide document, or guide us with the keywords to use in our search. We are really stuck.


Hussein Ismail

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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

Yes, you can configure the MGCP/H323 GWs to also support SIP, keep in mind though that it is not a free solution as you need to procure CUBE licenses.

There are plenty of good example of how to configure "CUBE" here as well as all over CCO, just search for CUBE configuration.



Ok Chris,

What if I’m going to configure H.323 on a sub interface of the MGCP gateway, and make it SIP trunk between gateways, would it work?


Dear Chris,

You are right, CUBE is the unique solution for my problem, but I couldn't find any document that descripes how to configure CUBE with MGCP, so cold you please provide document or duidence of CUBE with MGCP configuration.



Hussein Ismail

You can bind the same interface to different protocol. 

You do run MGCP and SIP independently on the router and as long as you do not control the same voice circuit with MGCP and SIP you are OK.


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