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Transfering outside Telephone line to another user in domain?

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Level 1

I have a user  (User A)  who needs to transfer an outline on her phone to another users (User B) phone.  On the  User B phone I changed the outside line in the AAR Destination Mask and in the external Phone Number Mask in Call Manager Administration.  Also did the same on User A's phone.  That did not work.  Outside line still rang on User A's extension and not on User B.  Went to the switch and switched the ports as well, still the outside line still rang on User A's extension and not on User B's extension.

The users information in Unity call manager administration was also changed to reflect the changes.  The issue did not change.  Is there someplace else that needs to have the outside telephone line changed besides where I have changed it already?

The version of Cisco Unified Call Manger Administration is

The phones in question are 7940's

Any information anyone can provide will be extremely helpful!


John Gorski

Milton School District

Milton Wisconsin

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Accepted Solutions

Just build a translation pattern then to change the called number to your desired destination.


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