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Transformation Pattern Fails

I have a Version 8.5 deplouyment with all the usual servers.    Of late I am seeing more mal-formed ANI hitting the system, generally the result of the caller using SIP trunks!   Anyway I need to fix that ANI so that I get a useful CID for some UCCX scripting we use.   I set up a new CALLING PARTY TRANSFORMATION PATTERN and put them in a partition and CSS that is searchable by my PRI's. I set the Calling Party Trasfromation CSS on the PRI to use the partition and pattern I setup.   The CID on the subject calling party however does not change (i.e. \+70022 ) and I just cant figure out where I am blowing it.   Is their a precedence or order I am missing?  

Though I am very happy just to alter their incoming CID to a fully formed +1ANI I would prefer to also change the number they are calling (something you can do with translation patterns, but not with Transformation patters).

I use DNA to test and that is how I know it is failign.  

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