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UC on TRCs config step by step

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Hello Friends,

Once Cisco creates de TRCs hardware config to support UC, also should provide an step by step guide to deploy UCS, config UCS, install ESXi, config ESXi and install CUCM that makes this hardware config be fully supported by TAC.

Dou you know any document of this type?

I have not been able to find myself, if exists....


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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

We don't have any, all a TRC provides, is guaranteed performance of the apps HWwise, we assume knowledge for ESXi and the UC apps is already in place, as this is the same for all installs.

You buy a TRC because you're already buying a HW that was tested by Cisco to be supported.

If not, then you can go to VMWare and look at ESXi install and configuration guides there, and at on how to install CUCM.

If you lack knowledge on all those topics, you should look into hiring a consultant to do all this for you.



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Thanks Jaime for your answer.

May be I did not explained myself, sure I didn´t  :-)  . Based on your answer:

One of the key points of TRC is that Cisco fully support it, from top (CUCM) to down (UCS) including the VMWare platform. So, I think that at least CISCO should document and publish how the TRC tests where done,for example:

Raid 5 or 10

Hyperthreading enabled or not

Version of drivers and firmwares

As I told, these are examples. The key point is that a consultant, as me, does not know which are these requisites so that TAC support the platform.

Other thing to consider is a best practices document for this kind of configs. The key point for CISCO is not only technology, but also documentation.

This is why I miss both documents:

1.- The TRC tests config, so that if replicated, the same results could be obtained and 100% sure, also TAC support. I think this should be mandatory published.

2.- The best practices to use or install a TRC (not neccesary a how to document). This is not mandatory from my point of view, but .... 

As I told before, thanks for your answer

RAID version IS provided in the UCS specs as you need to use the one mentioned there to keep it at a TRC, changing it, would turn it into specs based TRC.

The TRC as it arrives to you, it's fully supported (you can simply take a look at the BIOS to see the settings), things like drivers and FWs might change, just as they change with HW revisions on IP Phones.

I honestly don't believe the BU will provide their testbed specs to qualify the servers, and al the testing they do to do so, if you're looking for something like that, you need to discuss this via your AM/SE, not at CSC.



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Thaks Jaime,

At least mine didn´t came preconfigured with RAID. Hope that BU people see this post.

More than the RAID there are things to be considered I think that should.

Best regards

I doubt they will, all of this, you should discuss with your AM/SE



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