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UC500 Inbound Calls Fails

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Level 1

I have looked at a couple posts on my issues and cannot narrow mine down. Inbound calls to FXO fail basically. I used CCA to configure and inbound calls were first plar'ed to the AA. The call comes in and once tranferred to AA the call disconnects. I pushed the plar to an internal phone and there the same thing happens. At the moment I pick up the ringing call the call disconnects. I did a debug VPM all and the message indicates a possible crossed cable. I check the cable connections as well as output for workaround on a related bug relating to possible DSP issues and I do not get the same diagnostics as that bug so I am doubting that was it. Also with the bug the reference typically PVDM2-16 and I have a 32 so I am not thinking it is the same issue. Reboots of the box to not fix this issue. Getting ready to call TAC but I thought I would try hear first. Some more info is that Outbound calls work fine. Placing and receiving calls with a test set work fine. Running CCA 1.9 with 12.4.20 version of IOS. FXO lines are coming off a Cisco IAD from the provider on an integrated circuit (havent breached a provider issue yet as calls with test set work). Any help would be great ( I love handing out Ratings!)

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paolo bevilacqua
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Please include debug vpm signal.

the answer to anyone running into this is that TAC has a bug with some of the UC500. No battery reversal fixes.

Please mention bug id and applicable IOS.

There were some issues with 2801's and a similar issue, but not that I know of for the UC520. I would need to see specific debugs or error messages in order to tell exactly what's going on. ccapi inout and vpm signal specifically.