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uck9 license query for 4000 series

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I have a spare 4331 router (ISR4331/K9) with version 16.6.4 which I plan to use as my CUBE and I plan to upgrade IOS to the version 17.2.1r to use it with Microsoft phone system for external calls.

The license information on this router is as below:

Router01#sh license feature
Feature name Enforcement Evaluation Subscription Enabled RightToUse
appxk9 yes yes no yes yes
uck9 yes yes no yes yes
securityk9 yes yes no yes yes
ipbasek9 no no no no no
FoundationSuiteK9 yes yes no no yes
AdvUCSuiteK9 yes yes no no yes
cme-srst yes yes no no yes
hseck9 yes no no no no
throughput yes yes no no yes
internal_service yes no no no no

Router01#sh license detail uck9
Index: 1 Feature: uck9 Version: 1.0
License Type: RightToUse
License State: Active, In Use
License Count: Non-Counted
License Priority: Low
Store Index: 1
Store Name: Built-In License Storage


The appxk9 and securityk9 on this router are permanent.

1. Do I need to purchase the technology pack for uck9 and install it to make it permanent?


2. Is it allowed to use it as RightToUse without making it permanent? I will be connecting this router to CSSM for using the CUBE session licenses.


Thanks and regards,

Libin Benedict

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Look at the right to use cisco Policy :


Once you upgrade to 17.X everything smart License.


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Hi Balaji,


Does it mean that I need to purchase the license for uck9 and install it before I upgrade to 17.x or I can add the uck9 license in the CSSM and connect my router to CSSM?


Are you using smart licensing? 


output from a 4321with UC pack activated. ISR  version15.5.

Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 4.40.56 PM.png


Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 4.43.31 PM.png


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Level 1

Hi Nithin,


The router is not added for smart licensing.


For your router, the uck9 license is showing permanent. Was it factory-installed or you made it permanent by executing some commands or installed a separate license for uck9 after the initial purchase?

What happens to my uck9 RTU license after I move to Smart licensing?