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UCL Licencing Confusion

Hi Guys


Please if you can help me clear the doubts on the UCL Essential and Basic Licencing.


1. UCL - Basic Licence

    Instead of Hard IP Phone 7811 or 7821, can we register the Soft Phone such as CIPC - 7811 or CIPC - 7821 using this licence. Example if we have 100 UCL - Basic Licences, we want to register 20 * 7811 Hard IP Phone, 20 * 7821 Hard IP Phone and 30 * CIPC- 7811 and 20 * CIPC - 7821 and 10 * Xlite Soft Phone. Is this configuration possible.


2. UCL- Basic

    Does a UCL-Basic Licences allow for CUC as well. Example a Extension 1000, using just one UCL-Basic licence, would it be able to register to CUCM as well as have a voicemail box.


3. Cisco Prime Collaboration and CMS.

    The UCL Licencing comes with Prime Collaboration standard licence. If we need to monitor the CMS audio and video call quality in the Prime, do we need to purchase the Cisco Prime Collaboration - Advanced - Assurance, Analytics and Provisioning.


4. DNA Center

    Is it possible for the DNA Center to replace the Cisco Prime Collaboration and monitor the collaboration network inclusive of IP phones, CIPC, Jabber, CMS, CUCM, I&MP, Expressways etc. Please if possible, you can let me know the different licences required.


5. UWL Licences

     Does the UWL licences allow for the CMS-Meetings recordings. With the same licences, is it possible to record the CMS Conferences - Audio, Video and Web. 


I will be most grateful for your advice on this.





Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Advisor

1. UCL - Basic License


There is no CIPC -7811 or CIPC 7821. CIPC doesn't have further classification. CIPC consumes enhanced license and as well as your Third party device consume Enhanced License. So you need to consider Enhanced license. EOL has been announced for CIPC(Link Mentioned Below)


2. UCL- Basic

    No, you need to consider the Voicemail license separately.CUWL provide VM license 


3. Cisco Prime Collaboration and CMS.

    You can use Cisco Meeting Management.


4. DNA Center

   I don't have much  idea on DNA, as per my knowledge its for networking.


5. UWL Licences

  No, you need separate license for Recording.


you can have a look on the Be7K ordering guide from below link.

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