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Unity and Office 365 firewall rules

Right now we have an Exchange server in house. A part of my company is moving to Office 365. The firewall rules are most likely not going to allow Unity to connect to 365. My firewall admin want to know what to open up but I am having a rough time finding the doc for this specific application. Most Cisco docs just list a ton of things to open but not specific to 365 integration.

Any one can point me to an official doc to help me out?

Unity 8.6




Hi David,

                 I was in your shoes a  just a few months ago... and quite frankly, you don't need totouch the FW to get this working as Office 365 just required Internet access. Once your users have internet access and your AD domain is set to access(auth) your office 365 account your good to go(to rx and tx email from and out the office).

Now when it comes to forward Unity VM to 365 account, it's a bit different! The way i got to work is through a SMTP relay server. I read a doc from Microsoft that's their suggested way...

Create a SMTP relay server, you will need an office 365 account for unity( Give that account access to your newly created SMTP relay to send. and in Unity set the smart host to IP add or name of the SNMP relay server!

that's how got it to work;however, this just send an attached wav file with nothing in the body! It's pretty lame but if you just want to send  VM to email... it does the job!

Well since i did not like this simple wav file attachement, i have configured HTML notification. WAY better than the attachment...



Not sure they will allow me to open all IP traffic to the server.

If it helps, I am getting these errors:

The server domain name can be resolved.

The service port for calendaring is not functioning.

The system failed to connect to the server with a socket connection through port The error is error:0200206F:system library:connect:Connection refused. Refer to the tomcat log file for more details. If you are using secure connection, confirm that SSL is enabled on the server.

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